Media - Advertisement

NBC Media & Travel provides professional services in the field of advertising media. With the aim of providing customers with personal and enterprise business solutions based on the most effective strategies Media - Advertising short and long term.

In addition, we also develop PR writing service, Content Marketing will help you convey the message to customers. Those are the introductory article about your business, products, services, business stories, advertising messages ... or simply the article to support standards to Top Google SEO.

Building Brand Identity System

With professionalism and creativity, NBC Media & Travel has made designing and building brand identity system for more than 50 large customers. A brand identity system professional, impressive business will bring many benefits. We are committed to ensure the success of your project through.


- NBC Media & Travel understands the objectives of your campaign, so our designs aimed at those goals to ensure that your products do not create the best aesthetic impression (best), but also conveys the message perfectly.

- The coordination of the working group often include copywriter, photographer, designer and creative director for atmospheric profiles guarantee & brochure is performed most consistently in the right direction.

- NBC Media & Travel meets all your needs & brochure printing high quality profile and the most reasonable price. Your product received in the profile template best capacity, high quality paper to meet the stringent requirements of technical standards - art.


With abundant human resources and experience, NBC Media & Travel offers organizational processes logical events, script consulting, planning to organize events in a new way, innovative and attractive . The big event is the professional director and renowned directing.

Digital marketing

In the new era, Online Marketing role is no less important for the marketing and promotion of traditional brands.
NBC Media & Travel is one of the pioneering companies in the field of online market research and online marketing will be consultation and implementation of internet marketing campaigns of all sizes to different budgets. The greatest difference and the most prominent of which is NBC Media & Travel innovative brand experiences to accompany the 5-year implementation of the survey and implement online marketing campaign.
We will help businesses manage and develop Internet marketing campaigns and innovative efficiency with the lowest cost in the budget.

TV program
Press Services

NBC Media & Travel has extensive experience in the field of television advertising - newspapers that are operating now. We would advise very detailed and accurate communication about your plans. We have enough information and tools to help enterprises accurately select newspapers, advertising genre, TV channels, programs and broadcast time slot most effective.

Design Construction
Home Decor

With dynamic creative spirit of experienced professionals, we always provide the optimal solution for each customer's requirements from design to construction projects, including the repair fix work incidents. We always ensure the progress and the highest quality of construction for all projects.


NBC Studio is not simply to create an impressive wedding photos, sexy, romantic, but in any genre, whether it's wedding photos, art portraits individual or family, photos of events, photos fashion, advertising products ... a full package of images to transmit large messages.