IT Services

NBC & Travel Media company specializing in the field of media advertising for businesses in addition we also offer many other services such as; Supply of computer equipment, Repair & support software, domain name & hosting Create Email, build networks, Videoconferencing, Checkpoint & attendance system. We have many years experience in the field of outsourcing at home and abroad with high quality and competitive prices in the market.

Especially our services provided in person, just getting information, will soon have to handle behave technical problem. To minimize the risk or damage to components during shipping, reasonable price for each customer. NBC Media & Travel will ensure the customer's IT systems operate in the best way.

Design - Maintenance
Web Development

As a business owner you always want to have the amount of people visiting certain websites. To get it you must always update the content and not to an error on the website. There are so new users in mind and come back looking for new information at a later time. Therefore, the website should be maintained and that is the very important. If you are unfamiliar with the update or not enough time to do this, we are always here to help you. What you need to do is just pay attention to the business activities of enterprises.

Programming Software
Mobile Applications

Display advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing ... We help you develop a comprehensive plan to leverage the power of the internet up, aims to be one of the company partners bring the highest business efficiency for customers through increased online sales and brand recognition.

Domain Name
 Host Mail - Host Web

NBC Media & Travel offers domain names, website hosting space, email server on a large configuration with high-speed Internet connection.

- The domain name is used to identify every website on the internet (instead of 1 ranges of IP addresses), the domain name is very important in the protection and development of corporate brands and organizations.

- With unique domain names worldwide and adhere to the principle of pre-registration - previous allocation. So the domain name should be registered as soon as possible, even if the business does not have plans to develop the site.

- Archive Website, Email

- NBC Media & Travel offers large storage capacity, bandwidth flow moderate monthly data to meet the needs of customers with large storage on the Web hosting but few transactions on the Website or Mail

- Hosting services provide storage space Website, Email client configuration on a large server with high-speed Internet connection.

- The system is placed under the hosting server security system, Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spam professional.

Supply - Repair
Computer equipment Warranty

With a team of IT professionals, dynamic, experienced, NBC Media & Travel will help customers overcome any problems in the customer's IT system. Especially our services provided in person, just get information, will soon have to handle behave technical problem. To minimize these risks or damaged parts during shipping, reasonable price for each customer. NBC Media & Travel will ensure the customer's IT systems operate in the best way.

IT Services site (Edit computers and computer maintenance) of us include the following items:

Troubleshoot unexpected:

  • Fixed machine crashes, restart, slowness, not on the screen ...
  • Rescue lost data due to mistaken deletion, format, fdisk ...
  • Anti-Virus, update the virus ...
  • Troubleshoot PC hardware, notebooks ...
  • Fixed loss of Internet connection, LAN, Wifi.

Installing new operating system, reset the computer win

  • Installing Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8; Mac OS.
  • Install key applications such as: Office: 2003, 2007, 2010; Fonts, Autocad, Photoshop, Nero, IDM ... for Laptop, PC
  • Install anti-viral software best as: Kaspersky, Avira, Symantec Norton, BitDefender, Avast, Panda, AVG, McAfee, ...
  • Install the intranet and receive maintenance ...
  • Upgrade, sell and trade all types of old computers, new.
  • Maintenance, maintenance, installation, network management for business.
  • Consulting and providing computer equipment.

Advice - Design
Construction of infrastructure

You are an entrepreneur want the safety for your property, want to manage better employee management system with cameras working hours of employees over the timekeeper? You need advice on installation of computers and networks for families, for net room or server system for the company?

  • You need to design the company network - office
  • You need to network construction works - housing
  • You need to design and install a LAN, WAN
  • You need to build server systems
  • You need Installation lab - net room
  • You need a new machine installation with genuine
  • You need to design video surveillance systems for companies and individuals
  • You need a website to demonstrate the professionalism of the company or sales support more effective?

NBC & Travel Media will optimize all your needs ... with the most reasonable cost.

Setup checkpoints
Timekeeping systems

Vietnam's economy is growing fast and strong has led to human resources not cope with the demand of the enterprise.

Especially now moving towards professionalism in human resource management, management of working time of employees in order to offer a professional working environment and fair to all employees in the company. To achieve that goal, then an automatic timekeeping system is essential for businesses.


  • Cost savings for the enterprise management.
  • Managing work time of company staff easily and quickly.
  • Safe, efficient, accurate, objective and fair.
  • Raising awareness of employees, contribute to improving labor productivity.

NBC Media & Travel offers the following utilities.

1. staff card:

  • Attendance cards can be selected the cards follows:
  • Barcode card
  • Card
  • Proximity card (contactless card)
  • Currently, timekeeping systems using Proximity card is most Vietnamese advantages and is the most used in the enterprise.

2. Reader

  • Contactless card reader
    • Card reader is part receiving and transmitting information from the card processing software. Readers are often installed in places convenient to the swipe (port protection, doors ...).
    • The type of card reader:
      • HTA 820 card reader
      • HTA 830 card reader
      • HTA 850 card reader
  • Fingerprint reader
    • This is the device receiving the information of employees by fingerprint identification system, fingerprint system staff were taken and stored in the reader, the staff must be put in place to fingerprint reader and head fingerprint recognition reader will then compare the data in the system, if the data is valid, otherwise the reader will require re-examination.
    • The type of fingerprint reader:
      • Fingerprint reader BioSH-3000T
      • Fingerprint reader BioSH-4000T
      • Fingerprint reader BioSH-X628
      • Fingerprint reader BioSH-TA5
      • Fingerprint reader BioSH-TA2

3. Data transmission Converter

  • Converter is a convert signals from RS232 to RS 485 and vice versa. In the system as the distance from the computer to the card reader on the 15 m long, or in systems with multiple readers, you must use this system.

4. Attendance Software.

  • The information is transmitted to the card swipe timekeeping software, here the system will handle the information requested by the users from the outset and put the results at the request of the users like the report , add-ons….
  • The main functions of the software:
    • Management rights Dun
    • Management of HR information
    • Management of the company shifts
    • Management of working time of employees
    • Manage time out, leave of staff
  • These statements
    • Report the number of employees working in day
    • Report time on the details of each employee
    • Reporting period of time earlier tardiness of staff
    • Report of employee leave days
    • Synthesis Report January
    • Other reports

Voice IP & Video
Conference system

Video Conferencing Services NBC Media & Travel service image signal transmission and audio between two or more different points. The service allows more people to attend in locations can communicate directly with sound, image across the screen and speakers.

System Television NBC Media Conference & Travel also offers other facilities to the users such as computer connected to slide text, connect to external audio systems, storage devices (head Magnetic tape recorders, optical disc VCD, DVD or hard drive) to store the important sessions.

  • Using standard H264 video compression for bandwidth speed from 512 Kb / s to 2048Kb / s provide visual signals, stereo or mono, the network-based IP VPN service / VNPT MegaWAN unsecured line quality communication (QoS). The service allows customers to choose the bandwidth according to 03 levels: 512kb / s, 1Mb / s, 2Mb / s.
  • Television Service NBC Media Conference & Travel offered across the country, ready to serve customers including agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals in Vietnam and abroad operate legally in Vietnam .
  • Benefits of the service
  • With the use of bandwidth savings, video conferencing NBC & Travel Media gives customers more variety of services at low cost.
  • Service organizations can help enterprises implement workshops between branches and offices in the provinces, different cities through TV screen.