Tour Organisation

With a staff of skilled, enthusiastic and friendly, especially experienced in organizing tours at home and abroad. In addition to tour packages NBC Media & Travel also offers other travel services such as hotel reservations, villa, resot, selling air tickets, train tickets, tickets, visa services, passport etc ...
In recent years in addition to ensuring safe travel and good quality for all officers and employees of NBC, the NBC Media & Travel has been successful in building the trans-Vietnam tour, explore the landscapes, cultures represented in all parts of the country, giving satisfaction on customer expectations.
Crystallizes many strengths, NBC Media & Travel has been expanding investments in the field Resort to bring more opportunity to explore and experience the exciting resort trip in Cam Binh Resort.


We regularly open the latest tour, taking you to unique destinations of Vietnam. With a reputation of quality tourism, to accompany NBC Media & Travel, travelers will discover and experience something special about the country and people of Vietnam


NBC Media & Travel regularly opened last tour, taking you to unique destinations. With a reputation of quality tourism, to accompany our guests will enjoy the natural beauty and cultural space in the world of human beings.

Agents airfares

Let us help you find flights, book and pay quickly and conveniently as possible. We will help you save time and effort, but you will be very enthusiastic support from professional staff and ample experience in handling complete the flight to the customer.

Cam Binh Resort

"There are places that just there, you take a deep breath every breeze on the chest is always filled with warmth, and just where he was then disengaged as breathing out all the daily worries ... not the experience but also enjoy, do not search hard obviously to touch the emotions of the immense sea ... Leaving behind the noise of life, leisurely daydreaming in peace and quiet place , you will find your joy, the people behind the smile of the Sea - the fresh and warm ...

It was here - accommodation for your heart! "